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The 8th China (Beijing) International Health Industrial Expo 2008

Time: Nov 25 th ~ 27th, 2008 Location: Haidian Exhibition Hall (Beijing)
Wedar will participate in this Fair as exhibitor – Our major product line include:

Functional enzymes from National Enzyme Company, 75-year history in U.S., the founder, Dr. Edward Howell – “the father of enzyme”, – Nattozimes, GDE, Serrazimes, and BioCore series.

Fytexia : Sinetrol, Oxxynea, Mangoselect

BerryPharma : Blueberry ,bilberry , blackcurrant and Cranberry fruit powders, fruit extract , fruit juice conc.

Maypro : Biocell Collagen Ⅱ complex

DRT, Oligopin, Phytopin and white grape extract vitaflavan.
Welcome visitors from China and all around the world to visit the booth of Wedar in the health fair beijin.
2008 the 8th China (Beijing) International Health Industrial Expo

Booth No: T090

Fair location: Haidian Exhibition Hall (Beijing)
Taiwan Contact: Mandy Wu (e-mail:[email protected])
China Contact: Lucia Hu (e-mail:[email protected])

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