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The CPhI China 2005 held at Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center on 14th June 2005. This event was co-hosted by CHINA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE OF MEDICINES & HEALTH PRODUCTS IMPORTERS & EXPORTERS and CMP Information with the sponsorship from Shanghai CMP Sinoexpo International Exhibition Co., Ltd. [img]Upfiles/200611921281758531.jpg[/img]

The East Chamber and West Chamber of Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center were open for exhibition with over 30,000 square meters of exhibition area. There were over 750 business enterprises, 4000 international and 11,000 national professional business visitors there at this event coming from 80 different countries and regions.

Ever since the world famous CPhI Worldwide was held in Shanghais in 2001, with continuous strenuous efforts over four years, has developed into the most prestigious exhibition for medicine and health products attracting many drug companies to this event. It has become one of the most influential health product conventions both internationally and domestically. [img]Upfiles/200611921294888111.jpg[/img]

WEDAR was proud to be involved in this exhibition, situated in the S020 of the East Chamber, introduced the Chinese as well as foreign visitor, the brand name ingredients such as National Enzyme Company, Mediolanum Group, Decase Botanical Synergies and Acatris e.t.c [img]Upfiles/200611921302840549.jpg[/img]

Other than the many WEDAR partners and V.I.P invited to this exhibition, the managing director of WEDAR Nutrasource presented a special topic in the health product conference on the 15th June, attracting many companies to this event. This was another successful event following the special topical lecture held in Food Ingredients Asia, co-hosted by WEDAR Nutrasource and the National Enzyme Company.

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