CPHI Shanghai 2007

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(press release )

Cphi Shnaghai , one of the largest and important pharmaceutical industry event in china , held from Jun 19 to 21 , already generate a huge business opportunity for the global supply chain , as well as generate a greate business opportunity in this economic booming great countty.

Wedar as a exhibibot in Cphi , already generate great business opportunity from around the world , from vendors to distributors , to decision maker of the local industries, to cooperate more closely in the global supply side , again enforcing the supplying capability of Wedar to the industry.

As wedar just agreeemnt with some important vendors from europe , Ferlux , one of the most prestigious vendor ,also the supplier of antho50 , a leading brand of aglyconated europen bilberry , now hit the industry with a novel cranberry with hight PAC content ,up to almost hundred times higher than traditional extraction available in the market .

Sinetrol , another novel weight control ingredient from a strategic partner in France , also have the first chance to be visible in chinese market.

DRT ‘s full line of small molecule Oligometric Proanthocyanidine , range from french maritime pine bark extract , to small molecule french white grape seed extract with no tanin , also generate many interestin CPHI wedar booth.

“We are thrilling by the amazing growth number of the CPHI visitors this year” , said Kevin Hu , President of Wedar Nutrasource , and “CPHI china really bring in more and more business chance for us ”

“We are condifence about the future of the chinese nutraceutical industry , thus we are integrating with local industrial friends and global customers and vendors , to supply the industry with high quality service , product , science , and we are moving forward to invest more on science , to building wedar as one of the leading company in chinese market .”, said Kevin Hu to the press interview by a local media during CPHI.

Wedar is now working on several scientic investment to generate a series of new self branded material .

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