Diana Naturals Seminar in Taipei 2009

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Wedar Partner with Diana Naturals to Launch Phytonutriance® in Taipei

Based on its strong experience in natural ingredients and agronomic expertise, Diana Naturals, Antrain, France, with its Taiwanese exclusive distributor, Wedar Biotechnology, recently will launch a line of science-based natural extracts under the Phytonutriance® series branded ingredients to the Taiwanese market.

The technical seminar will be held in Taipei, on the date of 16 June, 2009, at Taipei International Conference Center. Mr. Matthius Besnard, Director of Health & Cosmetics division of Diana Naturals, will attend the technical seminar as keynote speaker. Wedar Biotechnology will invite local industrial customers and professionals to attend the meeting.The Phytonutriance® range of products to be launched to Taiwanese market:

  • Appl’in™
  • ChondrActiv™
  • CranPure™
  • HealSea™
  • BrassiCare™

The line is intended for applications in dietary supplements, functional foods and nutritional beverages. Diana Naturals partner with Wedar Biotechnology for the Taiwanese market since Q4 of 2008. Wedar Biotechnology is a leader in brand ingredient distribution and supplying science-based product to major nutraceutical and food industry in both Taiwan and China. ( https://www.wedar.com)
For further information about seminar please contact:
Mandy Wu, Marketing Manager of Wedar Biotechnology
[email protected]
+886-7-5540866 *154

Seminar information:
Time: June 16, 2009 Tuesday 14:00 reception, 14:30 begin
Speaker: Mr. Matthius Besnard, Director of Health & Cosmetics division of Diana Naturals
Interpreter: Mr. Jackson Chu, China Director of Diana Naturals
Ball room location: Taipei International Convention Center, Room 105 (http://www.ticc.com.tw)
Ball room address: No. 1 Hsin-Yi Rd. Sec.5, Taipei 11049, Taiwan

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