The 21th Food ingredients China 2017 (FIC 2017) Invitation

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Dear Sir/Madam,

On 24th ~26th March, 2017. We would like to invite you to Food ingredients China 2017 (FIC 2017).
Exhibition info
Hall: 6
Booth Number: 61H06/61J07
Exhibition date: 24th ~26th March, 2017
Exhibition address: No. 333 Songze Avenue Qingpu District in Shanghai; National Exhibition and Convention Center, Shanghai (NECCS)

Wedar Group will show you more brand ingredients all you want to know at below:
National Enzyme Company (NEC)
For over 80 years, National Enzyme Company has awakened the nutritional industry to the benefits of enzymes as dietary supplements. As the oldest enzyme company in North America, NEC’s digestive and systemic products are the most trusted and proven in the market, resulting in quality products with a high rate of repeat sales.
Brand ingredients: Wedar zimes®, Nattozimes®, BioCore Kids®, Isolase®, Serrazimes®

Since 1979, UASlabs have manufactured premium probiotics in the United States. UAS Labs state-of-the-art facility located in Wausau, Wisconsin is one of the few facilities in the world solely dedicated to the manufacturing of probiotic solutions. UAS Labs continually invests in gold-standard clinical trials on not only individual probiotic strains, but finished private label formulations as well. All of UASlabs’ trials are led by one of the world’s foremost probiotic experts, Dr. Greg Leyer, PhD, who is also their Chief Scientific Officer.

Brand ingredient: DDS®-1 (Lactobacillus acidophilus)
1. The possesses over 35 years of clinical research
2. It’s acid-resistant and tolerates bile very effectively
3. It has shown excellent adherence to human intestinal cell lines in vitro.

Most popular brand ingredients:
1. Elderberry: 100% water and membrane extract, solvent free, keep whole fruit nutrition of elderberries, shorten flu period and symptom.
2. Sinetrol® citrus and guarana extract: Slim body in natural way; Clinic data: weight loss 3kg per month, decrease body fat 5.5% per month, decrease waist 5.15 cm per three months, decrease hip 5.17cm per month; World patent number: WO 2008/135643 A1
3. MANNIMAG® Magnesium of seawater: Rich in 73 kinds of natural minerals from sea; Patent number: FR2915658; Improve performance of exercise, sleep quality and antidepressant

Other products:
1. Gnosis S.P.A: Natural Vitamin K2 (vitaMK7®) from Italy
2. Heme iron from Damark
3. Curcumin from India
4. Blackcurrant from European
5. UASlabs: Lactobacillus ressei
6. Collagen of fish bone from France
7. Astaxanthin (water soluble)
8. Cranberry
9. Grape extract (reserveratrol)
10. PS (phosphatidylserine)

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