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On 24th to 26th March, Food Ingredients China (FIC) 2017 in Shanghai had just come to a perfect end after 26 years of development. It was the 21st year for thousands of oversea and domestic exhibitors to launch new arrivals. FIC became an international professional brand show in this industry with great influence and cohesiveness, so to attract more professional visitors every year. Being a leading brand food ingredient supplier over 18 years, enzyme and probiotic demonstration gain finite attention. We have wide range and exclusive ingredients being launched this time as follows:

  • DDS-1 and LRC probiotic from UAS Labs in U.S.A.

  • Black elderberry extract, black currant extract and Sinetrol XPUR from EU.

  • MANNIMAG® magnesium.

  • Cureit® (curcumin 50%) and patented Curowhite (water soluble curcumin 20%).

The more attention to health industry in national development and the awareness rising from customers, the stronger demand booming related products. Thus, we can supply not just food ingredients but solution in full package as well as OEM/ODM applications as per customers’ request. We also eager to be your reliable exclusive agent and distributor aim to achieve larger market scale together.

Along with the change of market tendency, the major end users turn into younger people, female in majority especially. The concept of “healthy medicine” has also advanced in knowledge of that prevention is better than cure. On top of that, thirsting for a healthier living accelerates the broaden application to probiotics. Being provided with the solid documented experience and science based ingredients, our DDS-1 and LRC probiotic including formulation service are your wise option.

UAS Labs is one of the pioneers in the probiotics industry in the US. A group of top tier R&D scientists construct solid foundation for the past 50 years that hit into global markets for more than 55 countries. One of the top products DDS-1 probiotic is well-known as stability and efficacy which makes it a best-selling goods and leads to 6 ranges of product in the US market over 30 years. When it comes to LRC, it is the most up to date product after clinical proof under random and double-blind test. It can reduce hypercholesterolemia patient an11.6% of the average LDL (low-density lipoprotein). It is also a unique one being able to change intestinal microbial environment so to lower cholesterol.

Apart from mentioned above, UAS Labs is a manufacturer emphasizing on quality and science development. They have invested a great volume on clinical studies, science applications and formulation which makes their contribution not just on award for single probiotic. The wide-ranging scope of products application and functional formulation satisfy clients multiple choices.

The more desperate demand from our market, the larger investment in supply-chain integration of brand ingredients Wedar Group will go on. Our goal is to share and play the role on providing more and better distinctive healthy products.

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