The 23th Food ingredients China 2019 (FIC 2019) Invitation

By WEDAR 2 years ago
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Dear Sir/Madam,

On 18th ~20th March, 2019. We would like to invite you to Food ingredients China 2018 (FIC 2018).

Exhibition info

Hall: 6

Booth Number: 61H04/61J05

Exhibition date: 18th ~20th March, 2019

Exhibition address: No. 333 Songze Avenue Qingpu District in Shanghai; National Exhibition and Convention Center, Shanghai (NECCS)

Wedar Group will show you more brand ingredients all you want to know at below:

  1. UASlabs: DDS-1®(Lactobacillus acidophilus), LRC®, Women formula probiotic, and other single strain probiotic…
  2. National Enzyme Company (NEC): Wedar zimes®, Nattozimes®, BioCore Kids®, Isolase®, Serrazimes®
  3. Plant extract: Crancare90A++ (cranberry extract), exGrapecare (grape extract), olivecare (olive fruit extract), Vinovia (grace extract contain resveratrol), Sinetrol® (Citrus with guarana extract)
  4. Elderberry: 100% water and membrane extract, solvent free, keep whole fruit nutrition of elderberries, shorten flu period and symptom.
  5. Gnosis: Natural Vitamin K2 (vitamk7), Quaterfolic
  6. Pacific deep ocean biotechnology: Deep ocean mineral concentrate (LOM40K, LOM 90K), Deep ocean mineral powder.
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