Research and Development

Wedar is sourcing science based product from global vendor and distributing through our years of experienced networks, to the supply side industrial customers.

We also engage in the following industrial scientific investments to bring the scientific evidence based adding value and intellectual property to our products.

HPLC, LC-MS/MS chemical assay platform for natural and botanical products to identify genuine and authentic product and searching novel ingredients.

Bioavailability platform to analyze bioavailability / kinetic of natural products in animal model.

Nutrigenomic / Proteinomic platform for analysis and screen of specific natural products.

Global network and connection of novel ingredients research community. License in / out or strategic product / business co-development with Chinese and global partners in research or industrial development activity.

Quality & Traceability

Traceability and Quality assurance are essentially important. Our mission is to supply high quality materials from traceable global supplier . Most of our suppliers already worked with Wedar for more than 10 years or longer .

Wedar’s technical and supply chain management staffs own professional degree from academic and industry training , keep onassuring quality of material from Periodic factory audit and documentary inspection and 3rd parties laborary qualification , to manage our supplier providing qualified documentary and materials to meet the global regulatory and market challenge .

Wedar also establish in house QC laboratory to minimized risk of batch to batch variation and always supply premium products for our customers .