Food Ingredients China 2008

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Shanghai Everbright Conventional and exhibition Center, Shanghai international Exhibition Center and ShanghaiMart Shanghai China
China is the largest food ingredients and additive show in Asia, successfully combining a 3-day exhibition with a one and half day conference and technical seminars.

FIC has earned its reputation as the premier food ingredients event in China. 1112 companies exhibited and 40,021 professionals visited FIC 2007. Attendees saw exhibits covering food ingredients and additives, packing materials, packing machinery, food testing technology and equipment. In fact the entire food ingredients and additives industries will be fully represented.

FIC has become the largest food ingredients and additives show held in China.

Alongside with FIC 2008, Academic Conference & Technical Seminars on a series of topics will be held. Seventeen sessions of conference on various topics and twenty nine sessions of technical seminars were held during FIC 2007.

Food Ingredients China (FIC) provides the perfect opportunity for the food companies in the world to meet and do business with their peers and suppliers of the food ingredients and additives.

Show visitors can register online.

The overseas visitors (people from outside of mainland China) who registered online can get one free copy of the Official Catalogue and free entry to FIC 2008 and save up to USD7.00 on Entrance and Catalogue fees.

ps: Wedar Biotechnology will attend FIC Shanghai as a exhibitor

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