Sinetrol debut Chinese market with Wedar

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Sinetrol® is a branded natural extract made from several citrus varieties coming exclusively from the Mediterranean area, and is manufactured by Fytexia, a large company located in the south of France, and working under GMP to control process of production.

During HI / CpHI exhibition in Shanghai, Fytexia and Wedar introduced innovative brand ingredient-Sinetrol®. Dr Constantin Dallas, president of Fytexia, researched and developed many innovative natural product that can be used for general food and food supplements, and he induced the latest human clinical studies of Sinetrol ® in this exhibition. Due to Sinetrol®, Fytexia has become a leading supplier and captured the mass market in the United States, and more to further in Chinese market.

As rapid economic growth in China, metabolic syndrome and obesity as be a matter of concerns in health issues. In addition, natural products alternatives to the traditional medical treatment have become a new market trends. Sinetrol ® is a innovative, safe, natural and scientific based brand ingredient and bring confidence of the Chinese consumer to greatly increase the opportunity of Sinetrol ® in China healthcare market.

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