The 18th China Medicine and Healthcare Exhibition

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Approved by the Chinese Health Ministry, Sponsored by the Chinese food and drug administration as well as the Association of the Chinese Health Food, The 18th China Medicine and Healthcare (Guangzhou) Exhibition will be held in Guangzhou City. It is the most authoritative and largest health care food fair in south china region. And Wedar will also attend this event .

This fair will be held in the Jinhan exhibition center of Guangzhou City during 29-30 March 2011. The main contents including: large-scale exhibition both domestically and internationally. Displaying the enterprises’ images , the high and new technology and the scientific achievements as well. Besides, it has invited the industry associations, enterprises and the professional exhibition company both home and abroad as the organizers. By collaborating with the associations , Jointly hold this fair to promote the investment attracting program.

So far, lots of the famous enterprises as well as some other well-known manufacturers both domestically and internationally which have been confirmed to attend this fair, the scale of the fair is added up to 100 000 square meters, and the professional audiences reached about more than 400 000.

Wedar will introduce our latest agent brand raw materials including the Nattozimes enzyme, Sinetrol Citrus Weight Polyhenols, Coenzyme Q10, Cranberry extract, TypeⅡcollagen and many other brand raw materials to the exhibitors from both home and abroad.

The 18th China Medicine and Healthcare (Guangzhou) Exhibition 2011
Booth: T1
The exhibit date: March 29-31, 2011
The exhibition Hall: Guangzhou Jinhan Exhibition Center
The exhibition hall address: No.119, Liu Hua Road, Guangzhou, China

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