Wedar Nutrasource will exhibit at CPHI 2006 Shang

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Wedar Nutrasource Inc , will attend the 2006 China CPHI as a exhibitor and vedorwork speaker in Shanghai .

CPHI is the largest pharmaceutical event in aisa . As chinese market is becoming more and more important in the global industry , eshibitors of the show reach a new high in 2006 , the trade show organizer already move the show from the everbright exhibition center to the new international exhibition center locate in Pu Dong , from Jun 27 to Jun 29, 2006

Wedar will co-exhibit the show with US business partner National Enzyme Company(NEC), a leading enzymatic therapy industry leader in the US for more than 70 years. The R&D director Dr Rohit Medhekar , will attend the show . Mr Kevin Hu, President of Wedar Nutrasource Inc , will present a scientific seminar topic ” Introduction of Nattozimes and the Application in Nutraceutical Industry” in the vendorwork presentation.

As a leader in the nutraceutical ingredient supply chain for the chinese market , Wedar is dedicating in introduction of branded ingredietns with scientifc and clinical evidence from overseas vendors to local market . In CPHI 2006 booth, Wedar will also introduce the newlest nutraceutical ingredients to chinese market, which will include Sytrinol (TM) from source one global , Cynatine FLX from the new zealand busines partner Keratec, Biocell Collagen II from Biocell Technology , Nutricran from Decas Botanicals , and functional probiotic strain KE-99 with US patend from Probiohealth ….. etc.

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