Wedar will exhibit at The 16th FiA China, Hi&Ni

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Food Ingredient Asia China (FiA China) and Health Ingredient China, Natural Ingredient China (Hi Ni China) was held since the inception, the number of visitors from home and abroad increased year by year. The fair was favored and praised by exhibitors which be a index to understand the current popular trend for the food ingredients industry. The fair also be a way to provide exhibitors an important platform to expand their markets at home and abroad, and increase import and export of food ingredient.
This fair will be held at the Shanghai New International Exposition Center during 26-28 June 2014, bring together two thousand exhibitors and the number of visitors expected up to 40,000 people, Wedar will also participate in this fair and introduce our latest agent brand ingredient as well as popular brand ingredient including:

1.a series of enzyme products maker -National Enzyme Company(from US): Nattozimes (highly active thrombolytic enzyme), n.zimes (digestive blend enzyme), Serrazime (anti-inflammatory enzyme), SOD and other enzymes;
2.Fytexia (from French): Sinetrol ® -citrus fruit extract (weight lose), Oxxynea ® -22 vegetable and fruit extract(cardiovascular health), MangoSelect ® -mangosteen extract (joint maintenance), Fiit-NS® Mediterranean vegetable and fruit extract and Oleactiv® Olive polyphenols etc.;
3. series brand of ingredient from Europe and US: resveratrol, Collacare -type II collagen, Red wine polyphenols (grape extract), Oligopin® (French maritime pine bark extract), cinnamon extract, CranCare (cranberry extract), blackcurrant extract and elderberry extarct etc..
4. The imported products: coenzyme Q10, lutein drink, Norwegian fish oil, Antarctic krill oil, plant enzymes blend, astaxanthin softgel, concentrated deep ocean water, resveratrol drink and maca drink.

The 16th FiA China and Hi Ni China 2014
Booth: E5G43
The exhibit date: June 26-28, 2014
The exhibition Hall: Shanghai New International Exposition Center
The exhibition hall address: 2345 Longyang Road, Pudong New Area Shanghai P.R.C. 201204

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